Thursday, 4 September 2008

Thursday 4th September 2008

Today has been a relatively lazy day. Poppy woke up at 4.30am for her 5am feed, then we went back to bed until her 9am feed, and then Poppy went back to bed again! I managed to get up and dressed whilst she was sleeping!

Then we chilled out for a bit, had another feed and then went out to do some banking.

We got home and Poppy slept some more! Then fed some more!

It was my first weigh in at Weight Watchers since joining last week, and although I have not been completely good this week, I have been a lot better than some of the past 10 weeks!!!!

Anyway, I managed to lose 3lb, which I am very happy and surprised at!!! Now I just need to carry on being good (ish!)

We are just watching M*A*S*H, and apparently Simon has tapped into our Sky box and is watching it with us! Poppy does love M*A*S*H, she is lying on the sofa glued to the screen!!!! Like father like daughter!

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