Friday, 5 September 2008

Friday 5th September 2008

What a day already!

At midnight we lost all power to the house, and when I phoned Southern Electric, they told me they would not do anything unless another household calls in!

We woke up at 5.30am for a 6am feed, which luckily I had prepared before the power cut! We still had no electricity, and I had to feed Poppy by candle light! How romantic. Me, Poppy and a bottle of milk!

I phoned Southern Electric again just after 6am, who said that no other houses had called in and they think it was just me! They were sending out an Engineer at 7am.

I had a hot trickle of a shower, as it is a power shower, but without electric there was no power! Luckily Poppy was sleeping!

The engineer turned p at 7am and found that there was no electric coming into the house, so he had to go and have a look at the Hub at the bottom of the road! Low and behold, power came on again!

We keep having this problem. Every time it rains, a wire at the hub for the street gets wet and cuts us all off! However, they cannot fix it because when it gets wet it bangs and fixes itself. So when they go to look at where the problem is, it does not show! We have to wait until it completely bangs and snaps the whole way through the wire and does not fix itself!

Look like we could be in for an eventful winter!!! This has now happened 4 times since I have been home with Poppy in 3 months!!!! Arrrrrr

Anyway, we are back up and running!

We rushed into West Quay to meet, Tanya, Connor, Trish, Lewis, Naomi, Heidi and May for a spot of shopping and some lunch. We were like mass buggy attack or something! 4 buggies running riot in West Quay! ha ha

I also thought we had an appointment to see Hopscotch Day Nursery, but when I phoned them to say I was running late they told me I was very late as my appointment was yesterday!!! How embarrassing!

They were fine about it after I grovelled a lot, and remade the appointment for next Tuesday!

Now we are getting our things together to go and get Simon from Reading. Cant wait to see him, we have both missed him very much and cant wait for him to come home!

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