Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Christmas is getting closer

Now the title of this blog entry might be obvious, we know that Christmas is getting closer however there are other indicators and two have occurred over the last few days that need to be shared!

The first is that the official Butler Christmas tree is now erect (!) and lit up in its traditional spot.  Now when i say traditional spot, i mean the latest traditional spot, rather than when we were kids, it has also shrunk a little !!

The second indicator that Christmas is getting ever closer is down to a publication.  When we were kids it use to be two publications, however now, although there is still two key publications, they now both have very similar information.

The publications i am talking about, well they are the Radio and TV Times!

As kids it was a big deal when the Christmas edition of both publications came out.  We use to get both, and then sit there for hours pouring over what we would watch over the Christmas period.  Of special importance were the films, especially the Christmas Day premiere, which we always hoped would be a Bond film!  Its not quite the same now, with satellite TV you can get a Bond film most weekends, a premiere ever week or even day and a whole channel dedicated to Christmas!  However it is still fun to read the Radio Times and find out what films will be on the terrestrial channels over the Christmas period .. this year White Christmas is on, on Christmas Day afternoon ... that cant be a bad start!


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