Friday, 12 September 2008

Friday 12th September 2008

Poppy managed to sleep through until 5am this morning, and we thought she was getting better when she guzzled her milk down.

We dropped Simon at the train station and came straight home to bed!

Poppy woke me up at 8.45am, just in time for her 9am feed, which she was not that bothered by. We then just chilled out in bed for a while and then I made up Poppy's buggy. We had it as a pram, but never really use it, so I have changed it to the buggy seat now. Although it says she needs to be 6 months before using it! Pants!!!!!

I have the Chiropractor today, so we had to get ready and out of the house by 1.30pm. It was a strange journey to Fareham. It was bone dry here at home, but by the time we got on the motorway and halfway there, the heaven's opened up and chucked it down! Lightning and all!!!

Chiropractor went well for me, and Simon and I have decided to let him look at Poppy, as I feel it is important to look after her posture, especially with her magic arm. However, he wants Poppy to be a new patient as she has a very flat head on the left side, which is where she keeps lying on it! Hopefully he will be able to help and we can pop her head back out.

I am a little confused, as I know nothing about "flat heads". I need to do some research to see if it can cause problems or anything! I'm sure most babies have it to some extent, and they are OK!?

We then went to ASDA for the weeks shopping, which was traumatic! It was pouring down with rain, and all the Parent spaces were full, and then when I eventually waited for someone to leave, I could not find a trolley with a basket for the car seat! I had to ask a Trolley Man, who was very helpful and went and got one for me, and he brought it to the car for me!!!!

So, Poppy in trolley and umbrella up, I tried to steer the damn thing into the entrance!!! I think I killed a few people on the way tho!!!

Boy it was busy! No wonder I try and get there at 6.30am!!!! Must have been pension day, as all the old folk were out!

Poppy has been screaming all evening, and I don't know what is wrong! She may have trapped wind, or it may be the virus and even possibly a sore throat. Simon has a sore throat and a start of a cold, so she may get it too.

She has fed OK at last, and burped and farted a bit, and is now sound asleep!

I do hate that I don't know what is wrong with her. I feel like I should know her inside out and be able to tell what is wrong. When I can't, I get very upset and then we both end up crying! Poor Simon has to then sort us both out and we have a family hug!

Anyway, its late now and Simon has just gone to bed, and I am not far behind him! Sweet Dreams People! x

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