Friday, 12 September 2008

Thursday 11th September 2008

Today is the dreaded day for Poppy's second injections, and I am on my own this time. Simon is in an important meeting, and although he could have got out of it, we decided that I needed to do this and he needed to be at the meeting.

Poppy has not been great this week. After being sick on Monday night, possibly teething, and has had a few runny nappies, I wonder what else can happen!!!! Not nice!

Off we went to the Doctors. I had made an appointment to see the Doctor as well as the Nurse! I wanted to make sure Poppy was OK.

The Doctor said she may have a virus and recommended that she did not have the injections, just in case she reacted to them and we would not be able to tell is it a reaction or the virus. We have therefore re-booked for next Thursday!

Poppy is still off her food, and is very quiet and wants lots of cuddles, which she is getting!

Simon was working late tonight and we had to pick him up after I had been to Weight Watchers, which I lost another 1lb. A total of 4lb in 2 weeks! Yippee!!! I really need to be good now and lose more!!!!

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