Sunday, 31 August 2008

Sunday 31st August 2008

What a bloody awful day!

We were up early this morning to get ready to go to Cheddar, Somerset. It is my cousin's daughter's naming ceremony and I have not seen them all for about 15 years! I was really excited yet nervous at the same time.

Simon told me he had been sick first thing, but I thought nothing of it, as sometimes he is for no reason. Maybe then I should have known!

We got to Warminster at 9am, and had to stop to feed Simon and Poppy. The ceremony was at 10am and we were still an hour away!

Simon started feeling sick again, and we had to stop 1 mile out side of Cheddar at a garden centre. Poor Simon had to go to the loo, as he was sick again and had a very upset tummy! He was not looking too good either, and was a bit green around the gills!

However, we were determined to make an appearance, we had managed to get all the way to Cheddar.

It was 11am by now and we were sure we would have missed the ceremony! We went to the church first of all, and there were loads of cars, but none I recognised! I peered through the keyhole and could see people, but did not recognise any of them! I didn't want to open the door mid service and make a complete numpty of myself! I tried phoning Mum, Dad and Andy (my brother) but their phones were switched off, which would make sense if they were still in the service!

So we thought we would try my Aunt's house, as I was guessing that is where everyone was going back to. It was all empty! Everything in Cheddar looked a lot smaller than I remember it, and they had also built houses on the field on the corner where there used to be a market sometimes!

We drove back past the church and saw loads of old people coming out of the church and the roads were very busy. Poor Simon was feeling so crap by now, that we decided to go home!

I took us 4 hours to get home! We had to keep stopping for Simon to be sick and then Poppy needed feeding!

The worst thing about today is that Simon had to drive all the way to Warwick tonight for a NEBOSH (health & safety) course, which means that he is away from home now until Friday night!

I really hope he gets a good night sleep and feels better in the morning! He needs to do well on this course and there is an exam on Friday afternoon! Good Luck babe! We know you can do it!

I have also just seen the biggest spider ever run under the sofa! I have pulled it all out and he has disappeared!!! Oh god how the hell am I supposed to sleep tonight now? Knowing that is in the house!!! It was the size of a field mouse!!!!!

Anyway, here is a picture of Poppy in her party dress that no-one got to see!!!

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