Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Monday 1st September 2008

Poppy and I have survived the first night without Simon! And the spider has not shown it's face again! Although it is probably plotting an attack as I type!

It's our favourite day of the week again! All the girls are getting together!

Poppy is missing Daddy a lot! She is unsettled and wants Daddy time. She woke at 1.30am for a feed, which she hasn't done for weeks now.

We all went to Naomi's today. There was just the original 4 of us today. Tanya and Connor, Trish, Adam and Lewis, Naomi, Heidi and May and Me and Poppy.

We have planned a trip into West Quay for Friday, which is going to be great! We are all going to meet up and then hit the shops, have some lunch and get some chores done! It's just a shame Poppy and I will have to cut short our trip, as we have an appointment to go and see a day nursery for Poppy for when I go back to work.

Also, Tanya and Connor are taking us to Makro tomorrow afternoon to go and get more nappies. They are such a bargain that we cannot afford not to go!

We went to Marcia's and Abi's last night for a few hours, s Abi is an Avon lady and decided she wanted to have a party. Don't worry, we didn't buy anything, but it was nice seeing them all again.

We got home about 9pm, and skype'd Daddy! It's really nice to be able to see him as well as talk. And it is nice for him to see Poppy.

I want to say get well soon to Naomi, as I received a text from her last night saying that she has been admitted to hospital. I know she was feeling rough today, and hopefully they can fix the problem so you can be home and back to our meeting! If you do read this, please call me if there is anything I can do to help with Heidi or May! Even if you want an hour or so peace and quiet! I'm sure we can all bundle around to Tanya's!!!! he he

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