Saturday, 30 August 2008

Saturday 30th August 2008

Poppy managed to sleep from 9pm to 6am today! Although Simon was up at 4am all ready with her milk, but she would not wake up! So he went back to bed and then when she did wake up he had to re-do her milk! The joys of Fatherhood.

I was showered and dressed and over shopping in Tesco's by 6.30am! Home by 7.30am. It really is the best time to shop!

Simon and Poppy had been fed and were back in bed asleep!

We had a lazy morning, and after Poppy decided she was not hungry until 12.30pm, we fed again and then went to M&S! We really know how to live!

It was such a lovely day, and I managed to get all the washing done and dry!

Simon and Poppy had to have an afternoon nap, as the excitement of the day was all too much for them.

It was such a nice evening, that we decided to go to Hill Head for a walk along the beach and test out the new baby carrier we have. This straps Poppy to Simon's chest!

We managed to get as far as The Osbourne View pub and had to stop! Pint and baby in had we headed for the beer garden. Poppy was OK until she had a wet nappy and I had to carry her and the changing bag up at least 100 flights of stairs to find the damn changing room!

We then had a really nice walk along the beach and then stopped for a Chinese takeaway!

Poppy and Simon are now having cuddles on the sofa after he has fed her.

Early night, as we have an early start and a busy day tomorrow!

Watch this space!

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