Sunday, 17 August 2008

Sunday 17th August 2008

Will our busy lives ever slow down!

Once we got rid of Simon to work, we went home and chilled out for a few hours until Auntie Tash came to see us.

Auntie Sara was supposed to come, but she couldn't make it today. That's OK, as we are going to see her at work tomorrow!

Poppy is wearing her new outfit that Nannie B bought her. However, it fitted OK this morning, but by the evening the poppers would not do up!
I cant believe Poppy can grow that much in one day!????

We had a lovely lunch and gossiped for a few hours before Tash had to get home to Zack, who I cant believe is 4 in December!!!!

We have just picked Simon up from the train station and are having a quiet night in! Although, Poppy has other ideas! She is so wide awake it is scary! So Simon has decided to give Poppy her first Mac lesson! I think they were surfing the Apple Store!

Does this child ever sleep????? I'm beginning to think not!

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