Saturday, 16 August 2008

Saturday 16th August 2008

Today is yet another busy day!

Oh My God!!! I know people have told us about what can happen, but I never thought it would happen to us!

We were just running out the door to get Daddy to the train on time, when I went to change Poppy's nappy! I cannot explain how bad it was! How can poo get in all those places! It was so bad that we had to stick her in the shower and chuck away the sleep suit!

Once we had dealt with that trauma, we packed Daddy off to work to earn us lots of money! Then we came back for a feed. By 9.30am we were in Southampton hitting the shops!

Mothercare first, where we bought a few outfits and sleep suits with scratch mitts! To replace the one Poppy had damaged! Impressive huh! We set off the alarms on the way out, but we couldn't find a tag!

Then over to Mama's and Papa's, where we spent the last of our voucher from VT. We bought a book on meals for Poppy when she can start eating proper food.

We then nipped across the road to John Lewis to get some heading tape for Poppy's bedroom curtains and a sleeping bag for her.

Then we ran over the road to Argos to get the curtain track for Daddy to put up! And lastly to Borders to get the next book in the Mr Men series!

Then we rushed home!

Nanny turned up at lunch time, and so did Auntie Rowena. Auntie Rowena is now 33 weeks pregnant and Poppy cannot wait to meet her new friend!

Nanny stayed all afternoon and we had lots of cuddles.

We then picked Daddy up from the train station and went home for dinner and hopefully an early night!

We are really excited about tomorrow. Auntie Tash and Auntie Sara are coming for lunch!

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