Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Monday 18th August 2008

Today we had the Health Visitor visit us at 11.30am. I think she wanted to make sure that I was OK, as the last time I went to clinic, I said that Poppy and I had had a very bad week and I was struggling to cope.

I had to do a questionnaire to determine whether I was depressed or not. Luckily, I'm not! Even though I have my bad days, they are few and far between, and as long as I sleep, I can cope with most things, and not to forget the fantastic support I get from Simon.

Once the HV went, we fed and then went into Fareham to see all the guys from work. Poppy had lots of cuddles with everyone, and I had a good gossip to keep up to date with all goings on at work!

We then came home for a rest before having to go pick Simon up from the train station.

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