Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Thursday 6th November 2008

Today is Tanya's birthday, and we are spending the day shopping!!!

She comes to pick us up in the morning, and we head on into West Quay.

First we have to go to Starbucks!!!! Need coffee and cake!! This is a very important part of being a Mummy on Maternity leave!!

Then we have a wonder around the shops and then to Nandos for lunch.....mmmmm chicken and a fab sauce!

We then wonder around again for a bit and then decide we need to go home!!! Eventually!

We pick up Simon from the station, and then I rush out to my friends.

We are starting our own fat club! We are sick of paying someone else to put on weight, so we have decided to pay nothing and try and lose weight! I have the shock of my life as I have now put on 20lb since Poppy was born!!!! arrrrrrr

No wonder I feel crap and tired and sluggish!!! I'm now heavier than I was when I was carrying Pip!!!

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