Thursday, 7 August 2008

2nd & 3rd August Weekend

My day off on the 1st August was fantastic. We went shopping and had a bite to eat down in Gunwharf in Portsmouth.

Last weekend was very busy. On the Saturday we eventually got out of the house at midday and went to friends near Reading for a BBQ. However, when we left Southampton, it was trying to rain, and by the time we reach our friends house it was pouring down so hard we thought we would never get to eat!

Luckily, by 3pm it had cleared up and the skies were blue and cloudless and the BBQ went ahead! It was a really nice afternoon. Although Poppy did the biggest dirtiest nappy ever, and everyone had to evacuate the lounge! Funny how I got left holding the baby!!!

We then went off to Nanny's to stay the night as Daddy had to work on the Sunday.

Sunday morning we took Daddy to the train station and got ready to go out. Great Nana gave us some Wyevale vouchers, so we went round to the Garden Centre to spend them! Coffee, cake and spent vouchers later, we went into Henley to see Great Nana and Leslie.

We then decided that Mummy needed a rest and went back to Wargrave to sleep until we needed to pick Daddy up. However, Poppy had other ideas!!! She decided that trapped wind was going to give her a pain in the tummy and cry! Eventually, at 4pm she fell asleep.

We went and picked up Daddy from Twyford at 5pm and he drove us home.

When we got home, Gadget and Gizmo were waiting for us. They were very hungry, having eaten all the food we left them.

We then noticed that Gadget was limping on his front left paw. We had a look and couldn't see anything obviously wrong, so I phoned the Vets. I ended up taking him in to see the Vet who thought it wasn't broken, but gave him antibiotic jab and a painkiller jab. We were told to keep him inside and rest! If he wasn't better in a day or so to come back for X-rays!

Boy was I glad to get to bed that night!!!

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