Sunday, 18 May 2008

Thistle Hotel, Brighton

Oh dear. Well i guess it had to happen, yes, you have guessed, a really bad breakfast!

We stayed at the Thistle Hotel in Brighton and liked the hotel. It looks like a 70's lump of concrete and spoils the sea front view, but if you have a sea view room like we did, it was great, apart from the air conditioning has seen better days and struggled to cope!

The best thing i can say about the breakfast is that the view was very good, apart from that it went down hill.

The food was buffet style, like most hotels, but i would guess that it had been under the heated lights/heaters since about 5am. The beans were well baked, the hash browns, that would usually get a bonus point, were over cooked and far too crispy. The sausage was under cooked and the bacon that you would of thought would be too crispy was just greasy!

We were very jealous over everybody eating there nice cooked breakfasts on the sea front after our poor one!

Two out of ten!

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