Sunday, 18 May 2008

Hilton Hotel, NEC, Birmingham

Following our disappointing breakfast experience last weekend we were hoping that this breakfast was going to be an improvement, and i am pleased to say it was! The breakfast dining area was nice, clean and good staff. As norm with hotels, it was a buffet style breakfast and the choice was excellent. Fruit, cereal, meats and of course the cooked breakfast range. I decided to start healthy and had some grapefruit first before hitting the main course! Orange juice and coffee was brought to the table and was ok, not a particularly strong coffee, but again that is normal for hotels. The range for the cooked breakfast was good: eggs (fried and scrambled), sausages, tomatoes, beans, mushrooms, hash browns and bacon. The food was warm and apart from the fried eggs did not look as if they had been warmed for too long. The hash browns were the type that had a heavy onion taste which is not my favourite but still with a bonus point for having them on the menu. I have also added another bonus point to the system, a bonus point is now added if Marmite is available! So to the score, well i am going to give them a good 8 out of 10!

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