Friday, 30 May 2008

Slowly cooking .. !

Its been awhile since we have posted and the main reason for that is that there has not been much to update you on!

Pip is well and getting bigger and heavier, so i am told!!

Jo is also doing ok and is doing well with the diabetes, the dietitian was more than happy with the results this week. She continues to have weekly blood tests which although literally a pain in the arm, its good to hear Pip's heart beat.

The results of the blood test this week showed a jump in figures which was not what we were expecting but did explain why Jo had started itching again (although i am sure Gadget has fleas !!!!!) Jo has a visit to the Dr's on Monday to get more tablets and to sort out a NHS Funding war that she has got in the middle of !!

What this space .. we will keep you update!

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