Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Pip is on the way!

Jo's waters broke early this morning and Pip is on the way!

Yes, we know its early, but Pip is not too worried, she had run out of space and has sent us the signal that she is on the way!

Jo went to hospital this morning for here weekly blood test and they confirmed that her waters had broken. We were uncertain as there was not a lot of water .. this was because Pip was acting as a plug!

So .. its now just coming up to midnight. Jo is tucked up on Level F of the Princess Anne hopsital, and unless anything over night happens, she will be induced tomorrow morning at about 08:30am.

Watch this space .. and when Pip decides to show her face, you will know!

The picture accompanying this entry is titled 'the last dinner' - Jo's later dinner before becoming a mummy! (Sadly the dinner was not a grand spread, more like something from school!)

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