Saturday, 18 October 2008

Saturday 18th October 2008

Today is the Baby Show at Earls Court!

Simon's Cousin, Martin, and his wife, Kriszta, and baby Erik picked us up just after 8am to head off into London!

We arrived just after 9.30am, parked the car and headed off to the entrance.

We learnt our lesson from the Birmingham NEC Baby Show in April that we needed to be there early to avoid all the pregnant hormonal women and buggies!!!!

We started walking around and talking about all the things we wanted to get!

We first stopped at Mothercare, where we found a very cute black leather biker jacket for Poppy! Have to admit, it was not on our wish list, but it was far too cute not to get for her!

Then Simon needed a coffee and chocolate! So off for a pit stop.

Refuelled and raring to go, we pick up all the freebies and competition entries possible on our way round!

I find another buggy bag and a new fan dangle apron style bath towel for Poppy. We also buy some teething equipment from Tommee Tippee and place an order for a red apple clock!

We wondered around for hours! There is so much stuff there!

Although I have to say, this time was much better than the last 2 I went to. I think because we have Poppy now, we kinda knew what we were looking for this time, whereas before we thought we knew what we needed!!!! But actually we were quite far off the mark!

By 2.30pm we had had enough! And with the last few bits hanging from our shoulders we head back to the car!

We didn't take Poppy with us, as we knew it would be manic with all the buggies around! And a good job too! Poor Martin and Kriszta got lynched at every stall because they had Erik with them!

Poppy spent the day with Nanny Pat. I have been told that they had a lovely day and even Fab Auntie Jan came to visit!

We are all very tired now, and are dying to crawl into bed. Which is where I am going now!

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