Thursday, 18 October 2007

Mr & Mrs Butler

Well believe it or not its been a month since we got married! Time flies!

Sorry for the lack of updates but as this is suppose to be our 'Travel' blog we have not done much traveling since coming back from Vegas. Having said that i am currently on a train to London, Jo is beside the seaside at Hove today and we visited Swindon on Sunday, so who says we haven't been traveling!!

Keep your eyes on the blog and the website as we will keep it updated as much as possible. We have a trip to London next weekend - an important date in the life of a Mac Gadget Fan! Its Mac Expo Live at Olympia, it is also the launch of the next operating system for the Mac, called Leopard!

Ok ok .. this is travel blog, not a gadget blog!

We also have a trip to Cornwall in November and we will be 'blogging' as much as possible. Sadly last year when we went the only place that had an internet connection was the Red Lion Pub so i am going to have to force myself to visit the pub each day, just in the interests of keeping you all up to date on our travels!!

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