Thursday, 18 October 2007

City Cafe, High Street, Southampton - 17th October 2007

City Cafe Southampton.jpgIts been awhile since i have sampled an 'independent' cafe breakfast, so how could i turn down the opportunity of trying a local cooked breakfast! So on a recent day off i did, and it was not too bad, not great either, but ok!

The cafe was fine, thank god for the No Smoking law! Service was good, coffee was not so good - weak and not enough of it! (A bottomless cup of coffee scores extras points, if i have not mentioned it before).

The breakfast itself, well again, it was ok, i forgot to ask for no mushrooms, so they appeared on my plate - now although i cannot dock them a point for mushrooms, just because i don't like them, they must of been out of a can and were still swimming in a bit of the water on the plate - a clear case for docking them a point!

The sausage was also poor, probably one of those processed ones, just not very tasty. Hash browns were also missing.

Toast was good, and the inclusion of the 'gel' for all breakfasts, baked beans, were present. The egg was small but nice and runny.

Cost: £4.00 for the regular cooked breakfast.

Overall - a standard 6 out of 10.

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