Saturday, 3 November 2007

Hilton Hotel, High Street Kensington, London - 27th October 2007

HiltonBreakfast.jpgNow, this is an interesting one, in terms of does this breakfast fall into the true cooked breakfast category. Why i hear you ask? Well slow down, and i will tell you!

As per a lot of London hotels, they tend to either do a continental breakfast or a buffet style cooked breakfast. Yes you have to do the hard work and go up to a buffet and make your own decisions on what you want on your plate! To some, that might not be acceptable, however, on this occasion i have let it pass, mainly because it was a good breakfast!!

The breakfast was hot, they had hash browns, and the egg was freshly cooked and runny! Black pudding was available, an optional extra in terms of scoring, but again on this occasion i think it deserved a point!

The coffee was poor, weak, but it was bottomless. The bacon was a bit stringy and not as cooked as we would like it, but it was ok. Location, well it was ok, and only a few 100yds from an Mac show (ok ok, that does not deserve an extra point!)

So, the score, well i am going for an 8 out of 10 ! Yes the highest scoring breakfast so far in this blog!!

A trip to Cornwall is getting close for us, so keep an eye out on this blog, you never know, that 10 out of 10 is out there!!

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