Thursday, 11 October 2007

Vegas Breakfasts!

Well first of all, yes i know, i am late, in fact very late in posting this entry, seeing as it relates to our breakfasts in Las Vegas. But that was our first dilemma, does a breakfast in Vegas constitute as being able to make the great pages on this blog! So after a lot of soul searching (or a boring Thursday evening with nothing else to do) we decided to 'comment' on our breakfasts in Vegas!

Mixed, i think is the best way to sum it up. But i hear your scream, give us details, give us details ... ok ok!

Well if you ask Jo, she would say she had some 10 out of 10 breakfasts - and in some categories she would be right - the way the Americans cook there bacon is great, nice and crispy! They would also score highly if pancakes could be included in the 'cooked breakfast' category, but they currently don't!

So that is where it goes wrong, they don't actually do a traditional English breakfast, Hash browns are good but different, eggs are ok - but you get a little confused after trying to work out if you want them sunny side up with the egg white stirred not shaken!!

So, can we score the Vegas breakfasts out of ten, well not really, but if we could, well we reckon a 7 out of 10 would be a good score.

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