Thursday, 31 January 2013

Our trip to see Nelson

Last Saturday morning when Poppy woke up (we were in Wargrave) she noticed a ship in a bottle which was beside the bed - its been there for ages, and i guess that Uncle Nik had put it there - Poppy asked me about the boat, and i said i could do better than tell her about it, we would go and see it!  So .... last Sunday we went to visit HMS Victory:
After a breakfast stop at Cafe Rouge at Gunwharf we wandered to the Historic Boatyard and got our ticket for the ship tour.
We weren't allowed to take pictures onboard so you will have to make do with a few pictures of us outside.  Poppy did the full tour, and i think enjoyed it, even if her legs did get a bit tired by the end!  
She will now tell you that it is a very very very very old boat!
And despite not liking having my picture taken, i thought i would share this one, only because Poppy took it all on her own, despite my best efforts to dissuade her!
There are a few more pictures that i have added to Facebook, including Poppy and Nelson!

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