Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Wednesday 10th September 2008

Can my life get any more exciting!!!?????

Well, you can never accuse Poppy of being boring! She didn't drink much before bed last night, so I knew we would be up at stupid o'clock in the morning!

True to form, we were feeding at 3am, but she really wanted cuddles rather than food!

We also tried to go back to sleep once we had dropped Simon at the station, but Poppy decided that all we were allowed was 1 hour sleep and the rest she was smiling and giggling at me and refusing to sleep!!!!

Off to the Health Visitor (HV) clinic today. Poppy now weighs a whopping 12lb 9.5oz!!! No wonder I have backache!

I also spoke to the HV about Poppy's symptoms. She seems to think that it all sounds too familiar to teething!!! Although nothing has come through yet, apparently they can spend a couple of weeks moving around under the gums, which is just as painful for poor Poppy as if they were cutting!

Off to Tesco's to get some teething gel, and then we had a lazy afternoon curled up on the sofa watching catch-up TV. (All the bits I have recorded but not watched yet!)

Poppy is a bit grizzly, but no temperature and is not eating a lot, but at least she is eating a little. However, cuddles with Daddy right now are just the cure - for now!

Hope she is OK for tomorrow, we have her 2nd lot of injections in the morning!

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