Saturday, 28 January 2012

Day 1 - The Butler's do 'Strictly' !

The weekend has arrived! And not just any weekend, but a trip to London to see Strictly Come Dancing. However i must point out at this point myself and Poppy are just along for the ride, it is Jo and Mum (Nanny) who are actually off to the O2 Arena tomorrow too see Strictly Come Dancing Live!

So the first mission of the day was to get to London. We set off at about 7am, and then again at 7:15am, after we turned around to get Jo's Mobile!

After picking up Nanny from Wargrave we headed for London, and specifically Stratford to visit the new Westfield Stratford Shopping Centre which is on the Olympic Park.

Our Journey took about an hour and half, and apart from crossing central London, it was a pretty good journey and we found the location first time!

The shopping centre is right next to, well in fact on the Olympic Park, the Aquatic centre and Veledrom as well as the actual stadium is right next door, however our first stop after parking was Starbucks for morning coffee and breakfast!

After breakfast, it was shopping time .. and Poppy found her transport for the wander!

And the usual locations were visited!

And of course, all that wandering, and shopping meant that lunch was on the cards soon after .. and the venue of choice was the Chip + Fish Company!

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