Saturday, 5 November 2011

Day 2 - Newquay - Double rainbow!

First, and most importantly, we all had a good sleep. We were spoilt for choice, seeing as we had 3 bedrooms to choose from, and in the end, Jo went off at about 8pm to one bed, Poppy fell asleep about half an hour after that, in another bed, and then about an hour later, i fell asleep as well! And we all slept until about 7am, which for us, is very good!

So we are refreshed and ready for day 2!

Our first mission of the morning was a walk along the beach, so while Jo woke up slowly, and of course prepared breakfast, me and Poppy went for a stroll along Fistral Beach.

The weather this morning, is mixed! Over the sea it is blue skies, however inland there are black skies .. however, very little rain so far, and lots of opportunities for a photograph!

As we wander backed, and my little hippie walked bare feet through the sand, we noticed a rainbow forming, by the time we got back to the cottage, we had a double rainbow too look at!

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