Friday, 16 September 2011

Home sweet home

Day 5 and we are home!

Having said our fond farewells to the camp this morning we headed home and got back to a sunny Southampton just after midday.
We had a good last evening, we made our second attempt to go to the 'Centre Stage' which is where all the evening entertainment is held.  It is a very traditional stage, with lots of tables and a couple of bars dotted around the edge.  Our first attempt on Tuesday evening was met with Poppy calling it the 'noisy room' and running out crying!  So we did not hold up much hope .. however, with a good sleep at lunchtime, and some of Billy's ice cream, she skipped in and did not mention the noise level at all.
And so we found a seat, and within a few moments Poppy was sitting crossed legged in front of the stage and ready to watch a celebration of 75yrs of Butlins !

Then .. well then Poppy must of realised where she was as she ran back to the table, and with a lot of tears buried herself under a number of blankets in her push chair!  However, we sat it out and by part 2, she was again in front of the stage and even had a little shuffle on the dance floor!
 Just gone 9pm and we had to head for home, we had a very tired girl, and Poppy was also staring to show signs that she needed her bed .. so the night was done, and we had done the full Butlins experience!

As with every good holiday, it was good to get away, and good to get home!

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