Sunday, 20 July 2008


As followers of our website will be aware we had a new addition to our family in June, so on her first proper trip out, Poppy Alice Butler joined us.

Our frist trip away with Poppy was Bournemouth. When we say first trip away, we had already done a few trips to Wargrave, but this was our first 'holiday' trip away.

Why Bournemouth. Well it was close if we wanted to get home quickly and we like Bournemouth and we found a nice hotel to stay in for our 2 day trip!

Although not planned at the time of booking (honest) our trip away fell on a signficant Apple event day .. Friday 11th July was the launch of the new 3G iPhone. So at 5am on that Friday morning i took a short trip from our hotel to stand outside an O2 store for 3hrs to secure my new iPhone .. i was second in line and had my iPhone 30mins after the store was open!

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