Sunday, 5 June 2011


Yesterday i was lucky enough to go to Wembley when i was offered tickets to see England Vs Switzerland.  Having only ever been to the old Wembley i was keen to see what the new stadium was like, and i have to say i was impressed.  Although its a shame the twin towers are no longer the new stadium is very good.
The journey to the stadium was fine, and i was given 'Club Wembley' tickets so i had the most amazing seats, as you will see from the picture below, this was the view from my seat:
I was three rows from the pitch, and about 15 seats from the tunnel and dug outs!  I think that to get a full apperciation of the game it would of been better to have a little height, so you could look down on the game, like you do on TV, however being so close to the pitch and tunnel meant that i got good views of the players, and was able to take some half decent picutres.
The game itself, well, i have seen better!  After 20 minutes England were down two goals and it took a penatlty to get us a goal back.  After half time, the team came back out with some more determination, however they still struggled, and although they got another goal back, and made a few chances, the end results was 2 - 2.
Having seen the end of the game, and wandered out, the queue for the tube was as expected long!  And the Wembley staff and Police were excellent, however the London Underground was really poor, and it does make you wonder for the Olympics!

It was a good day out, and the new stadium is i think, a worthy national stadium for English Football.

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