Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Mickey, Donald and Minnie

Hello from Disney and our last evening. Our blog entries have been a little light as we don't have a good Internet connection so photos will have to wait until we return to the UK however I can report we are ok.

Poppy has taken awhile to get into the swing of things and was a little under the weather yesterday, in fact her favourite saying was 'go home' but she has been more on form today and actually met the mouse himself today. Yes, she met Mickey and he was so good with her. The first morning she would not get close, this morning she had her photo taken with him, followed by Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse, photo evidence to follow!

We have actually spent today in central Paris and confirmed that Poppy loves heights! She was very keen to go up the Eiffel Tower and loved it when she was up there, happily looking down and waving too people below. She is most certainly Mummy's girl this trip and so Jo has taken the brunt of 'cuddle me' duties! So we will be coming home for a rest!

It's been a really good trip, and we have another day to go yet!

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