Monday, 14 March 2011

Good Evening from Disney

Well we made it! And i can confirm that Mickey knows we have arrived!

We had a very good trip, the Eurostar was good, Poppy was well behaved and it was quick. Poppy did fall asleep with about 20mins to go, so for the first hour of Disney she was a little dazed, however a little bit of food and she was off!

We have done a number of rides and had a good walk around today, and now are aching feet are in our hotel room. Our hotel is at the entrance to the park and it is very nice, and the room is very good too. We have a room with a sofa bed and a massive main bed which will easily take the three of us, bit of luck really as Poppy likes a big bed!

There is no internet connection in the hotel, and our connections are a little flakey, and with roaming mobile costs you might find our blog entries a little lighter than normal over the next few days, a full update will follow when we are back.

The plan for tomorrow is more Disney, however this time it will be the Disney Studios getting our attention, certainly in the morning after breakfast with Mickey!

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