Saturday, 29 January 2011

Parents evening ...

Wednesday of this week saw Poppy's second parents evening .. i know, go with it, she is only 2!  So while Poppy was with Nanny for the night, Mummy and Daddy went off to find out what there little girl had been getting up too.

I have to confess to having some pre-conceived ideas of what to expect, this being sat on little chairs and listening to some old person harp on about your child for 15mins:
Well i was right about one thing, we did have to sit on little chairs, but apart from that it was a nice hour that we spent at the nursery.

For a start, on arrival, we had the offer of red or white wine, or soft drinks, and nibbles!  The nibbles being samples of the food that the kids eat each day.  And it was good food (and wine!).

Following nibbles, and a chat with the owner of the nursery, who is a very down to earth person, we had our 'briefing' and i am happy to report that the girl is dong fine!

So, our second parent evening done .. however, i suspect our expectations have been set a tad too high for the future .. i cant recall Mum or Dad ever going to a parents evening and having food and wine!

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