Thursday, 20 January 2011


Many moons ago, well not that many, i was a little bit younger and smaller and my wall paper was Snoopy covered, and my duvet cover was Snoopy themed and i had a few Snoopy's.  In fact sitting beside our bed at the moment is my original snoopy, who looks as if he was seen better days but is still with me!

Well, Poppy was given a Snoppy by Nanny last Christmas and along with 'Bunny' he has become a firm favorite, if she could get in the washing machine when he is being washed she would!  Well when we got in this evening a box was waiting for Poppy, and on opening it, this is what she found:

Yes, a larger version of her Snoopy.  Snoppy is apparently 60yrs old this year.

So thank-you Nanny for for my new Snoopy.

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