Saturday, 21 August 2010

The Beatles

As you would of seen, i have been on a little Beatles quest over the last month, ever since our visit to Liverpool last month, and i completed the visits, for now, with a trip to Abbey Road in London a few weekends ago.

When we were in Liverpool we got Poppy a Beatles t-shirt, and today is its first outing!

As mentioned, i went to Abbey Road a few weekends ago, it was not my main reason for visiting London, but that can be left for another blog entry, however you will not be surprised to hear that it was Apple related!

Abbey Road is the location of the Abbey Road recording studio, where The Beatles recorded all of there studio albums.  It is also the location of the zebra crossing featured on the front of one of there album covers.

I was amazed when i went as to how many people pay 'homage' to the location.  There was at least 20 people when i got there, and they kept arriving as i was there.  The wall outside the recording studio is covered with graffiti to The Beatles, and was being added too while i was there.  It goes to show how popular The Beatles are, despite it being 40yrs since they have split up.

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