Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Its official .. we are on holiday!

17th February and we are now all on holiday .... wooooohooooo!

It's the start of all our travels today, although Poppy started yesterday as you will see from the picture, she is having a glass of wine to celebrate!
The boys are the first to go, they are off to auntie Patz at 11am today.  We then head for Berkshire where Poppy will be residing at for the next 8 days - while in residence we understand she has a full diary!  And then lastly we head to Heathrow, Terminal 5 where we will be staying overnight before flying tomorrow morning.  As ever, we will be blogging our trip ... so watch this space!  Poppy is not feeling 100% at the moment, she was sent home from nursery yesterday and has a temperature at the moment .. although she is sitting beside me at the moment waffling away about the fact that she is off to her Berkshire resident.  Although as caring parents we do have a worry!  Poppy spent one night with her Nanny last week and since has been full of talk, in fact she has not stopped, which we are sure is her Nanny's infleuence .. what the hell is she going to be like after 8 days!  Now can you see why we are worried parents!!!

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