Friday, 19 February 2010

Greetings from NY

Hello .. and welcome to our first blog from New York City!

 As you can see from the picture we have already started exploring and have seen some amazing sights.

So yes, we have made it to NY.  We had a good flight over, the flight went quickly and apart from  a little bit of a bump on landing it was ok .. the only other complaint was that the food on the plane was really poor, it is probably the first time we have been disappointed, but BA did not come up with the goods .. it was all pretty poor!
Anyhow, flight was good and we arrived about 30mins earlier than planned.  Then it was a jump in a Cab, our first yellow cab of the trip, and a 20min drive to our hotel.  

The hotel is ok .. it has a Starbucks in the lobby which keeps us both happy, we are on the 8th floor which we thought was high, but not, there are 25+ floors in the hotel!  Room is a little small, however it is also perfect as a base, as we dont intend on spending too much time in it!
And at this point i am going to stop .. exhaustion has just hit and now it is coming up to 10pm here, its time for some sleep.

Will update your further in our next blog entry on where we went and what we saw on Day 1 !

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