Friday, 19 February 2010

Good morning New York!

It's 6am in New York, good morning!

I am up early, well have been since about 4am, i think my body clock is still a little bit out of sync!  But no worries, on checking my Starbucks App on the iPhone i found out that the Starbucks in the hotel lobby is open from 5:30am .. so i was there first customer of the day!!

Jo is still, well was still dozing until i came back up to the room, although i am now in the bad books, she did not get her early morning coffee .. i had a little trouble translating the grunts this morning as to whether she wanted a coffee or not!
So Day 1 is done, and we are onto Day 2.  We walked our socks off yesterday and kept going until we dropped!  We visited Time Square, and went up the Rockefeller Center, just in time to see a sunset over New York which was amazing.  The view is incredible, New York looks incredible especially with the sun setting and also the lights coming on in all the buidlings .. the sky line is a beautiful view.

Not sure on our plans for the day, but we have plenty on the list to see!  Watch this space for further updates.  I have also started adding a few pictures to our FlickR picture account and you can click here to see these.

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