Monday, 25 January 2010

Good old Ice!

A  bit late I know, but I feel that this is very important blogable news!  2 days before Christmas I left for work early one morning.  I managed to drive 30 yards down the road before I slipped on ice and slid into a parked car.  I was OK, if you were worried, but very shaken up.  All I could think of was to phone Simon!  Fat lot of use he was tho!  He was in the car driving to Wargrave to drop Poppy off at Nanny's! 

As I was paniking about moving the car, one of our neighbours came down on his motobike and slipped in the same place I did.  He came off his bike and hurt his leg!  He managed to get up and go get help to move the bike.  Whilst he was getting help, I phoned the AA to see if there was anything anyone could do to help.  I have no idea why I called them, but I was so shakky by then I think I could have called the Pope and felt better! 

Anyway, the AA told me to call the police as the road was so dangerous.  I called 999 and asked to speak to the Police.  I was dealt with very promtly and they didnt give me the impression I was a total lune!  They took all my details and said they would get someone to us as soon as possible.  However, accidents were happening everywhere and may be a while, if ever.  They did actually call me back to make sure everthing was OK and that they probably couldnt send anyone out as there was a fatal on the motorway.   My Neighbour came back with help to move his bike, but as they were moving the bike it fell on the owner (Derek) and hurt his arm badly.  I called 999 at that point, again, to get an ambulance!

With all the excitement over, Derek and his Wife Sue had been carted off to Hospital, and the other neighbour had moved, my car off the road to the pavement, I left notes on all the cars I had damaged (Mine and the other, honest it was only 2!) and made my way home up the hill.   Anyway, I now have a courtesy car.  A 2 door Corsa! Pertrol!  I think Poppy's buggy has more poke that this thing, and it is awkward getting Poppy in and out of it, but apart from that I will do!  Apparently, they are hoping to have my car back to me for the 3rd Feb!  I hope!!!

Here is a picture of the Damage
Jo Butler (Mrs)

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