Sunday, 31 January 2010

Brrrrrr and the week that was ....

The start of this post is specifically for those dwellers of Australia land, whether permanent or temporary, and is aimed at stopping the 'have you turned the heating off yet' comments!  Its Sunday morning as i write this, just gone 7am and i am in the loft at Wargrave.  It's minus 5 outside and as you can see, a heavy frost, which almost looks like a light dusting of snow is all over the place.

Having said that, there is currently the most gorgeous sunrise going on, always the way when its so cold and crispy outside.  The weather forecast for the day - sleet and snow in the west of England, possibly heading into Central/Southern England later on!

Its been a busy week with us Southampton Butler's.  Last Sunday the 'Gs' from Beds came to visit and we did a trip into town.  It was one of the first times that Poppy had spent most of her time on her feet, and did not want to be picked up or put in her pushchair - she has an amazing supply of energy, although it does mean that she goes to bed and falls straight to sleep on time!

Poppy has spent the week causing havoc around Hampshire either at nursery or Naomi's and yesterday she spent it with Nanny Bed and her Great Nan - and reports suggest she was a model Poppy - which means our training has not currently paid off - we are expecting her to play up for the 'Gs' and be perfect with her parents!

And lastly - its 18 days to go!

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