Friday, 13 November 2009

Poorly Poppy

Simon, Poppy & I had a tough night last night. Poppy had a temperature
and woke us at 2.30am.
She seemed ok in the morning so Poppy & I trundle off to nursery. It
is my last day at work before a week off and we have auditors in
whilst I am off! So very important that I got everything done.
Anyway, I got to work and get sorting files for auditors. At 10am I
get a phone call from the nursery. Poppy has a temperature of 39.6 and
I gave to go and get her!
I have to pass all my work to my poor manager, who is highly stressed
already, and go get Pops.
We get home, put on Cbeebies and Pops is back to normal! Temp of
37.5! Sods law.
We have just returned from the doctors and apparently Poppy is poorly!
She has an inflamed ear and mild eczema!
She has been given a 7 day antibiotic course and some cream to help
the eczma!
Can anyone beat my Friday 13th???

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