Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Tuesday 11th November 2008

We are meeting Tanya, Connor, Naomi and May in town today. There was a reason we were going in, but I cant remember it!!!!

Anyway, we were there hours and only went to 5 shops!!!! New Look, then Starbucks/Borders, Argos, Mothercare and Next! It is hard work shopping with kids!!!!

Also, rude people out today! They all got in the buggy's way and pushed past!!!!! raaaaa old people!!!!!

I also had a mouse in the house this morning! Luckily, Gizmo got the poor little thing and ran out with it. I think he then ate it and left the left overs on next doors path!

When we got home this afternoon there was a very shitty note from our neighbour having a go at Gizmo!!! He is only doing what cats do!!! Stupid neighbour. Hope I don't bump into her, or I will give her a piece of my mind! She called our boys Ferrel!!!!!

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