Thursday, 30 October 2008

Wednesday 29th October 2008

Today Maria and Ollie are coming to visit.

Poppy and I were up nice and early and ready by 9am!!!! Poppy went back to sleep, but I stayed up and did some ironing!

They turned up at 11am, after being stuck in traffic for what seemed like hours!!!

We went over to Tesco's for lunch and then we walked to the Community Centre where we visit the Health Visitors. We really needed to go, as we have not been for 3 weeks!!!

Poppy now weighs 14lb 11oz. She has only put on 10oz in 3 weeks, but is still on the line and growing well.

We then walked back home and had a coffee, then Ria and Ollie had to go and get Callum and then drive home.

Poppy and I then decided we needed to get out, so we went over to ASDA for a while where we bought some 6-9 month clothes for Poppy (she is growing too fast!!!) and then to the station to get Simon.

Poppy was late getting to bed tonight! She didn't go until 9pm! I think she was really into watching the Arsenal v Tottenham football game! Not sure which side we should support, as Grandad was a big Spurs fan and Fab Uncle Craig is an Arsenal fan!!!!! Luckily it ended in a 4/4 draw!!! phew!!!

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