Thursday, 2 October 2008

Wednesday 1st October 2008

We were up at 5am, to feed Poppy. Although I had to wake her, as she was quite happy to carry on sleeping!

We needed to get her and Simon ready so they could leave at 6am to drop Poppy at Nanny Pat's and then get Simon to work.

I went back to bed thinking I would only have an hour, but at 9am I woke up to the noise of the Hippowaste bag being taken away! this was a bit of luck, as I have another bag to fill and really wanted to get it done today!

So I chuck on some old clothes, tie back the bad hair day and get the bag ready!

It takes me two and a half hours to clear the rest of the shelving unit, the lazy spa and the shed base! It is done now, and we only have 3 things left, which I will take to the tip soon!

I then have a rest for 30mins, in which I call Nanny Pat to make sure all is OK with Poppy. It sounds like they are having far too much fun! Although I received a couple of messaged from Pat asking how to work the buggy and she thinks she has broken it!

As it happens, she was pushing the wrong buttons! Silly Nanny!!!! ha ha

I then set to dusting, hoovering and mopping the conservatory! It takes ages to move everything around, dust, hover and then mop. Then move it back again!

It is now 3pm and all I have done is the conservatory! I'm knackered and need a sleep!

But, like any good housewife, I battle on and start the lounge! Moving, dusting, hovering and mopping!

It was 8pm by the time I finished! And now I have more stuff for the car boot sale! I need to find a corner of the house to start putting all car boot stuff! I need another corner! There are not enough!

Simon and Poppy returned home at about 8pm, just as I was finishing! Poppy was sound asleep in her car seat, but soon woke up wanting food!

As soon as she woke up and saw me, she cried! This really upset me, so Simon fed her and I put her to bed! As she was feeding, I went for a shower to clean up a bit. Maybe I was too dirty and dusty for her!

Simon and I then had jacket potatoes, ham and salad at about 9pm! far too late, but this was all I had eaten all day! Apart from some jaffa cakes!!! opps

I fell asleep on the sofa at 9.30pm, and eventually went to bed at 10.30pm!

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