Friday, 3 October 2008

Thursday 2nd October 2008

Our favourite day of the week again! All round to Naomi's, to see Heidi and May.

We were all there today, so a full noisy house!

I love our meetings. I know I harp on about them, but they are so important for advice and ideas!

It was a mega session today, as we didn't leave until 4pm! Where does the time go?

We come home just before Simon, as he has been in a conference all day near home. I also think he went for a swim after! Or so he tells us!!!!!

Weight Watchers tonight. I managed to lose 1.5lb, which is good, but there is no way I can do 2 hippowaste bags and blitz the downstairs every week to lose weight!

So, obviously, I pick up a curry on the way home! Back on it in the morning!

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