Saturday, 25 October 2008

Thursday 23rd October 2008

Today Poppy has her 3rd lot of injections, and we are also seeing the Doctor for his opinion on her flat head.

At 11am we rush out of the door and to the surgery for our 11.10am appointment with the Doctor. He is really nice, and has a look at sleepy head Poppy's head. He doesn't seem to think there is too much of a problem, as she is doing everything a baby of her age should be doing. He thinks it is just cosmetic rather than causing any problems with her brain growth.

Then into the Nurse for the dreaded injections! 3 to have this time, and then no more until Poppy is 12 months old. Simon held her and she was so brave! She did cry, but stopped by the time we got to the car!

Silly old Mummy forgot her red book, so we now need to go back in to let the Nurse update it!

Then we went into West Quay for a spot of shopping and lunch. Poppy was sound asleep by now, so we thought we would take advantage and have a Nando's for lunch! After lunch, we went to buy Auntie Tanya a birthday present. Then we met Simon for a coffee in John Lewis. Poppy needed feeding and changing, so I fed her and changed her whilst Simon went to look at gadget!!!

Off to Mothercare next. We need socks! So, we ended up with socks and a bumbo tray and a mirror to go in the car!

Back home, as we are all knackered!

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