Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Tuesday 9th September 2008

Another exciting day in the life of the Butler's!!!

Poppy woke up at 2.30am crying for food. I did kind of expect it, as she did not drink much at her last feed. However, when I went in to her, she was covered in sick! Her arm was freezing cold where she had been sick over it, and her sleeping bag was covered too, all the way through to the mattress!

She must have been lying in it for hours! I feel so bad for not knowing, but she didn't cry at all. I got her bathed and dressed into a fresh sleep suit, then stripped the bed and put clean sheets on it. (I took off the mattress cover in the morning and washed that too!)

She then had a little feed a big cuddle and back to bed.

She was sound asleep when we put her in the car seat to take Simon to the station, but woke up when we got home again. She only drank a little, and then we went back to bed.

Poppy often comes to bed with me once Simon has gone to work. I pile up all the pillows and we cuddle up together for a few more hours sleep. I woke up at 9.30am, but Poppy and Gizmo were sound asleep.

My friend Rowena called at 9.50am. She is now on maternity leave, and at 37 weeks pregnant she is classed as full term! A whole week further than Poppy and I managed!

She is bored stiff and wanted to know if I wanted to go shopping. I said we had to go into town and then we were going over to Naomi's to make sure she is OK, and then have to be home by 4.30pm for the garden man to come to give us quotes. Rowena came over and we managed to get out of the house!

We went to Mothercare and then onto Starbucks for lunch. I was very good and had a skinny drink and a salmon and rocket salad sandwich!

We then went over to Naomi's to catch up. Tanya and Connor were there too. It was funny, as Rowena and Tanya know each other from years ago at Rowena's parents' old pub! How small this world is!!!

Poppy has not eaten much all day, only managing 2oz all day. Although at 5pm she guzzled down nearly 8oz. She has slept all day, and I don't think she feels too good. Her temperature is fine, but just a bit quiet and grizzly.

She is currently sitting with Daddy at the Mac waiting for the Apple announcement for the new Nano!! Simon thinks her sickness is the anticipation of a new iPod!!! If only he knew!!!! ha ha

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