Monday, 8 September 2008

Monday 8th September 2008

Poppy slept through from 9.30pm until 5.30am! I even had to wake her to feed, so we could get Simon to the train station on time!!!

We then came home and went back to sleep for a couple of hours.

All the girls and kids descended upon Trish today. Naomi could not make it, but the rest of us and babes were there! Before we knew it it was 3pm!

Tanya and I rushed to Tesco's, and then I had to dash home before a garden man was due at 4.30pm.

Unfortunately we have had to rearrange his coming round until tomorrow!

I think I have missed a trick with the whole sterilising bottles lark! I normally do them as I go, but I have discovered today that most of the girls sterilise once in the morning and prepare the days milk and put in fridge. Therefore it is all ready and just needs warming! This way should also save on electricity too!

I have now prepared 5 bottles and put in the fridge to get us through the next 24 hours! I will report tomorrow on how it goes!! ha ha

Lasagna and chips for dinner! Best go check on it!

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