Sunday, 21 September 2008

Saturday 20th September 2008

Firstly, Happy Anniversary to Tanya and Andy. They have been married for 5 years now! Lets hope Simon and I can get that far!!!

It is the morning after the night before! We slept OK, although Simon was up at 4.45am which is his normal get up for work time! I on the other hand slept through to 7.30am!!!

I tested out that big roll top bath this morning! OMG I want one of those! It is amazing, you can sink real deep down into it and the water is right up to your neck! I eventually got out and ready for breakfast.

Back over to the Brasserie for breakfast, which had everything! Cereal, toast, juice, full cooked English including black and white pudding! Urgh!!!! Simon loved them!

We then went for a walk around the front of the house, where there is a 9 hole golf course and lots of trees!

This is us in front of the house, and also a picture of the house.

We then spent the morning in the spa, swimming and sauna rooms! This is the life I tell you!

After we both pruned, we had coffee (obviously to get some crap back in the system, as the spa cleansed us so well!)

Then we went off to Bracknell Leisure Centre to see a couple of friends who were in a cat show. Their Russian Blue (MacDuff) is now a Imperial Grand Champion and can go no higher and is about to retire at the top of his game! I have to say MacDuff is a beautiful cat. However, some of the breeds there were just down right ugly!!!!

We then popped into Bracknell town centre for a look around. The only thing we bought was a dress for Poppy! I was really starting to miss her by now and could not wait to get back to see her.

She has been such a good girl for Nanny! She slept from 9pm through to 6am and was all smiles all day!

I think she was pleased to see us again, although I think she had far too much fun at Nanny's with lots of visitors coming to say hello!

Back home now for a good night sleep!

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