Thursday, 7 August 2008

Thursday 7th August 2008

I can't believe another week is nearly over! Poppy will be 9 weeks old tomorrow!

We have just got back from our second and last session of baby massage. Last week we learnt how to massage the arms and tummy and today we learnt how to massage the legs and feet.

Poppy wasn't so keen on the arm massage, but today she loved the legs and feet massage! So much so that after she fell asleep, and slept all the way home! Today we walked to the Community Centre, which took just under 20 min's and must be just over a mile. However, as soon as we got home she woke up! Starving! She guzzled 7oz of milk and is now laying quietly in her big cot! I don't think she has the hang of this sleep thing anymore!

Oh well, at least she is sleeping better at night. We went from 9pm feed to 3.30am this morning.

We are just waiting for our friends Tanya and baby Connor to come over as we are off to MAKRO! Hopefully get some cheap nappies, as Poppy is now in size 2! Typical as I have just bought 6 packs of size 1!!!!

More for the car boot sale!

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