Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Tuesday 26th August 2008

Today is the day I look forward to every week!

It is the day all us Mum's from hospital get together and talk complete gobble-d-gook! It is our life line group and the best group of Mum's in the world, and I would like to give Kathie and Mollie a very big welcome to our nest!!!

It was also mine and Poppy's turn to have everyone at little old ours! I was dreading having so many people in our tiny lounge, as our house is so not child friendly yet, but we did OK! The house withstood Heidi and Adam, and I now know what to move out the way so little fingers don't wonder! It was a very good educational visit and I am very proud of myself!

I also learnt how to play a DVD on our projector and surround sound system!!!! Thanks to Adam for patiently waiting for me to get my ass in gear!!!!

This is a picture of the gang, which is growing by the minute!

We have from left to right: Heidi (22 months), May (8 weeks 4 days), Connor (11 weeks 5 days), Poppy (11 weeks 4 days), Lewis (10 weeks), Mollie (7 weeks) and Adam (2 1/2 years).
Also, Trish and Kathie (Lewis' & Adam and Mollie's Mums) managed to sneak into the picture!

I have received a text picture from Trish to say we have completely worn out poor Adam, as he is sound asleep at home now! Thomas the Tank Engine must work! I will remember that one!

Well, we survived and our little house can cope with 5 adults, 2 toddlers and 5 babies! WOW! What a great day, and cant wait until next Monday when we all ascend on Naomi, Heidi and May!

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